Welcome Back

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Welcome back to Sisters In Bloom! I know you gals have been wondering what happened, and I will tell you. But first, I am in the middle of creating a new site for you. So in the meantime, please keep checking back, as new stuff will be added on a daily basis. Thanks so much for the sisterly support over the years, and I promise this site will be back in action really soon!

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Lets Celebrate Sisterhood A Free E-Book

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Hello Gals! We know that you really like the last version of the e-book, so we are currently writing another one to compliment the first one. If you already subscribed to the the first one than you will automatically get the second. If you do not have the 1st, then request one through the contact page. We will update all you girls when the 2nd is ready.

Update 4.08.13:

Sorry to everyone that has sent messages about the E-book. The site has been transforming and we have been very very busy. We do have a list of everyone who has requested this book, and it will go out shortly. There was a problem with the site and the hosting, and some financial issues as well. We really did not want to ask for donations, so we are trying to handle this on our own. We have enlisted a Local Web Design and SEO Company for some help with the site. SEOjus came highly recommended and so far they have done a super job. Check out their seo delray beach program if you are looking to get on page 1, safely and quickly that is. The site should be done very soon, and everything back to normal, hopefully! If you need to contact any of us just fill out the form on the contact page and we wil respond asap. Thanks so much for the continued support. Have a blessed day. Oh yeah, do not forget to check out SEOjus for more info on SEO and Web Design.

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The Best Vape Review Site That Is Honest

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Hey everyone, today we are back and this will be our first official post of 2016. Today we will be talking about a very popular topic, vaping. This is something that has been getting more and more popular and has become a very lucrative industry. That being said, too many people have come out of the woodwork to profit or take advantage of people. We recently found the best vape review site out there right now. They only write reviews on products that they have actually paid for and thoroughly tested. They have never accepted any product for free to write a review, which is pretty much unheard of in the review atmosphere these days. Almost everyone who has started doing reviews on  YouTube or on a website has done so to get free Vape equipment. This has caused a lot of problems for some of the more popular reviewers because some of them have been imitated by people trying to dupe companies into sending them free stuff. I guess that just goes with the territory, scammers will try anything and everything to get over on people and companies. The site we are talking about today has eliminated the possibility of that happening by not accepting anything at all for free. In addition to that, they also write the best reviews we have even seen, with tons of details, specs, pictures, and a total score with individual scores for each metric.

One of their more famous reviews that has gotten lots of publicity and attention in the competitive online world is their Herakles Plus Review that they did a few weeks ago. They did an excellent job on their preliminary review and then they completed it two weeks later for the full and comprehensive review. In addition to all the information on that page there is also two or three different places to actually buy it online. The shops they listed to buy it from are conveniently located on the West Coast in California, Central US in Texas, and the East Coast in Florida. I believe they did that to make it so people can order from a online vape store that is close to them so they can get their stuff quicker. They have given the Herakles Plus Tank a total score of 97, which is incredible for a Sub  Ohm Tank these days. Normally there are at least a few problems with every Tank that hits the market, and the only thing negative they had to say about this tank is that it leaks a little randomly and the threading on the top fill threads is not great.

They also recently did a review on the Tank that was release by the billion dollar nude magazine company, Playboy. Yes, they have dipped into the Vape Industry as well, probably because they have seen how much it increases every year and they do not see it stopping anytime soon. They came out with the Playboy Vixen Tank and the Vape Review Site did a Playboy Vixen Review which is another excellent page on their site. They gave the Vixen Sub Ohm Tank a total score of a 95, and the only negative thing they had to say about it was that it didn’t have a top fill option. Besides that, they absolutely loved the tank and highly recommended buying it.

Well that is pretty much it for today’s post and review. We hope you found it useful and interesting and hope that you take a look at the site before you make anymore vape purchase online. Have a excellent day and be safe.

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Cream Of The Crop Moving Company

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Hey all of you awesome loyal readers, thanks for checking back and reading this. Today we are just doing a quick little holiday review that may hopefully help out at least one person this year. We will tell you about a Cream Of The Crop Moving Company. So we have moved a few times over the past few months, both the office and our apartment, and living and moving in NYC can be quite the nightmare. Between dealing with unsavory moving companies to price gauging, to hard to access moving destinations, it can definitely be turn into the worst day of your life. however, when you find the right moving service to guide you in the correct direction, it can literally change the outcome completely. We happened to ding this company about 6 months ago, and we are extremely thankful to have found them. The fantastic New York Moving Company we are talking about today can be found here serenitymoversnewyork.com and there are multiple ways to contact them. You can always just pick up the phone and call them, or you can send them an email, or you can fill out the contact form on their site. They normally reply pretty quickly, because they have top notch customer service. Once you get a hold of them and move past the introductions you should definitely set up a time and day for them to come out and evaluate the place so that they have a clear understanding of what exactly has to be moved, and what is actually moving. That way there is no misunderstandings down the road. This company I can 1000% stand by, I know the owner quite well after doing business with them so many times, I know and trust each and every employee, and I know that I can leave them along with all my stuff in my house and it will be just like I left it when I return. That says a lot these days specially in this day and age. That being said, if you are moving in the near future we highly recommend using the moving company we have been talking about today. Ok that is it for today, have a great holiday and we will be back at the beginning of the year.

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Another Great Locksmith In West Palm Beach

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Hello all of you, today we are going to tell you about a great local business that does excellent work, has very affordable prices, shows up on time, and has great work ethic. We thought it would be cool to post this review so that anyone who lives in the West Palm Beach are knows who to call when they get locked out of their house, car, of place of business. We think we have found the one of the best and most professional locksmith in west palm beach for you all and hope that you guys and gals check them out and use them for your next lockout, but hopefully you never do have to use them or any locksmith for that matter. You never know the next time you will lock yourself out by accident so the best thing for you to do is take down the contact information for this company and keep it with you or in your vehicle so if and when the time comes you will have it handy and will not have to go searching around for the phone number. I have used this specific company before and I can tell you that they do a great job, are upfront and honest, and will help you out no matter what the problem is as long as it has to do with locks. Please keep in mind, this is not a paid sponsorship post, we do not get anything at all for writing this, we solely want to let the residents of West Palm know about a good local company that they can trust without being on the defensive or having to worry about anything. Our hope is that a few of you see this post and check out the website we link to so that they will be prepared the next time they leave their keys in the car, or the dog locks the front door of the house by accident. You can never be too careful and ready because some day and some time something might happen and if you do not write this information down you will spend a long time searching for local companies and that is just not necessary. So go to this website here http://www.1st-locksmith.com and write down the information o get in touch with them. And that is it for this blog post, hope you all enjoyed it, and have a blessed day!

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Our Moving Mission With Great NYC Movers

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As most of you know we have been here for quite a while. It is no secret that we have had our own share of hardships with this site. But recently a company came into our lives that really made a difference. We decided we needed to move and since we are now in NYC, we needed one of the best, most reliable, affordable, and professional nyc movers we could possible find. We called around to a lot of friends, family, and we even asked a bunch of coworkers and we kept getting the same answer, call Serenity Movers in the city, they are the absolute best and will treat you right. So we listened tho all of those people and that is what we did, we called them up, set up a time for them to come out and give us a free estimate, and that was it, done. The next day they came to where we were moving from, looked over everything in detail, and we spoke for quite a long time with the owner and manager. They were really nice guys, very respectful, humble, and appreciative for the business. We told them about our website and what it was about and that if they did a great job we could or would possibly write about their company, and they seemed like they really did care about us and our moving experience, so the owner offered us another 30% off the cost of the move. We were so happy and grateful that we almost started crying right then and there. This meant so much to us and we knew right away that we had found the right movers for the job. Moving day came and went and it was absolutely perfect. They did such an excellent job, making sure to pack up everything very carefully, wrapping it all up, using the bubble wrap sparingly, and that was it, they were finished pretty quickly. Then we were off to the new place. Everything worked out perfectly, there was no damage at all, the pricing was so low we just could not believe it. They were literally a god send to us and our company. Thank you so much Serenity Movers for all your help and compassion. You have a great company that does excellent work, you provide top notch customer service, you have very low and affordable rates, and the quality of work is perfect. Thank you so much for everything.

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Grace On A Little Plastic Stick

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It has been a really long time since we posted anything on this site. We went offline for a few months, then decided to start the site back up again, and then we kinda left it alone for a little while. Hopefully we will be back on track now, and should be updating the domain more often, like maybe a few times a week. We will be accepting posts from our fans, and maybe even some newsletters if people sign up for them. We have hired a few companies to help us with marketing the site. Since we pretty much lost all of our regular traffic, when we went offline for those few months, we now need to start optimizing the site for the search engines to show us some love.

One of the companies we hired, the best local seo company out there, is helping us with organic search. They came highly referred to us by some close friends and they did wonders for their site. We are hoping they can do the same for us and revive our site to what it was before. We understand that SEO takes some time, and we are willing to be patient, as long as the results do come. Since we lost most of our high ranking keywords due to letting the domain expire, it’s kinda like starting from scratch. However, from what we were told, NaturalSEOJuice.com is more than capable to get us out of the dirt, and get many page 1 rankings for us. It might take a few months, but that is ok, good things in life take time. They are located in South Florida, which is fairly close to us, so that is good. They have tons of great reviews around the web, which also gives us a lot of confidence. That is is for now, we just wanted to give you guys a update on the site. We wil keep you updated on what we are doing and how NaturalSEOJuice.com is doing as well.

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Our Jesus Shaped Hole

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This is really off topic we know, but just bare with us please. We recently went to get the windows tinted on our cars, so we checked out a much of places first. Since we are in South Florida, there are literally thousands of shops to choose from. But we knew what questions to ask, and what to look for, so that helped us out a bit. the first place we checked out was boca raton window tinting a local shop pretty close to us. They were very nice, friendly, and were very patient with us and our questions. Some of the other shops just were not that nice, and they kinda rushed us off the phone. That completely turned us off, and we did not even consider using them after that. When we finally decided on the first shop, we brought 1 car in, and they had it done in about 3 house. They called to let us know it was ready and that we could pick it up whenever we want. Not only that, besides the excellent customer service, they also gave us 20% off the total cost, which they did not have to do and really surprised us. That was our first experience with a local tint shop. After that place, we decide to try out another one that was close to us. This window tinting boca raton shop was just as good, very nice, good pricing, and patient with us till the end. We had no complaints with either of these places, both had great service, good pricing, quick job time, and overall we give them both 5 stars, outta 5 that is. So if you are located in South Florida, and need to get anything tinted, whether it be your house windows or car windows, give one of these guys a shot. They really appreciate the business, and it shows in the work they do. You can contact them at either of the links above, or down below.

Boca Raton Window Tint Specials

Window Tint Boca Raton Contact Page

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When Mothers Day Is Hard

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Share Your Table

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Whats Your Legacy

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A Welcome For You

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This is just another one of our Welcome Pages. Since we lost all of our content when we temporarily lost the domain, we now have to recreate all of the pages we had before. There are companies that specialize in this, and we have taken one of them up on their offer. They also specialize in SEO Services which we have recently started, so it kinda fits with what we are trying to do. The fantastic top notch Florida SEO Company we talked about on the other page is the same company that does the recovery of web pages. We are not really sure about how it works, or what is involved, but we are confident in their work and know that if they say it can be done, then it can be. It is really sad that the site went offline, and it was all lost, but we have to have hop and faith, and try the best we can to get it back and move forward. Right? That is what it is all about, moving on whether for good or bad, but it is a part of life we must embrace. No matter what, we have to believe that it all happens for a reason, and that there is always good that will come as long as we do the right thing. Maybe there was a divine reason that the domain expired, maybe there is a reason that the emails that our Hosting Company sent were never received by us. Who knows, nobody has those answers, so why worry ourselves about it. All we can do is try and recover the original content that was here, then re-post it to the site, and if we can not recover it all, then that is what is mean to be. Just knowing that we have the best Boca Raton SEO Company on our side is enough to get us by. Having that faith is most important, and also the confidence in our new found friends that are handling the SEO and Web Page Recovery is vital in our success.

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Today I want to talk a little about the contributors to this site and who has helped in what way. Over the years many people have helped us with this sites, whether it was contributing content, donations, stories, or just information for the ladies to read about. One thing that was really important was the traffic that we had at one time but it stopped because we had to go offline for a few months. When we came back we realized that all of our organic traffic had stopped, because there was no site up anymore for the SE’s to crawl daily. That is when we needed to think about how, where,  and if it was possible to buy high pr backlinks for us to get a nice boost in the rankings. At that point we were contacted by a reputable company that provided these services to Fortune 500 Companies in the past. We checked some references and they passed all of the initial inquiries. Remember, us being a high quality and authority site we had to be sure that we followed all the rules so that we did not ever get in any trouble at all. Once we made sure we were following all the guidelines we proceeded with the process. Within a few weeks we started to see some great results and were showing back up on top for what we are about. We were so happy with what was happening that we continued service with this company until we were at exactly where we needed and wanted to be. Now because of what our site is about, we were given a huge discount on their services, and that is why we wanted to take this time to give them a big thank you and show of gratitude from the bottom of our hearts. We definitely would not be where we are today if we had not of been helped by this fantastic company. That is the purpose of this post today, and we hope that they see this eventually to know that we are eternally grateful for their services when we needed them the most. You definitely need to check out this company if you are ever in the need of getting back on track and getting a huge boost in traffic. We are so happy with what they have done for us. So go ahead and check out these guys here that go by the name of PremiumSEOJuice.com and they are pretty well known in the industry for their excellent work they have done and continually do for their clients. So once again thanks so much guys, we appreciate all your hard work and dedication and will always use you guys when the time is right. Thanks so much and have a very blessed day!

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Hope Renewed A Free E-Book

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Hope Renewed A Free E-Book For Every Woman was one of our best e-books and favorite among our followers and readers. I am sad to say, that we have temporarily lost it, due to technical problems with the site and the databases being deleted. We are putting in a lot of effort to try and get a copy from some of our readers, or past readers that is. As stated in our previous post, we have hired a company to try and recover some of our data. It is really strange that we do not have a copy stored on any of our hard drives, I mean why wouldn’t we right? I know I know, does not make sense. For some reason we do not, so that is why we hired that company to try and retrieve it.

That book was really special, any of you that have read it would agree I am sure of it. We will keep everyone up to date as to the progress of the recovery process, wither by posting on our site or by sending out a email to everyone. We have been getting tons of emails for our 2 e-books, which is what triggered us to try and get those books back. The Delray Beach SEO Company we hired is the best of the best, so we have faith that they will be able to get it back for us. And we are also trying other ways to get a copy, like emailing our old followers, and a few other ways.

So to all of you who have messaged us about the eBooks, just know that we are doing everything possible to get them for you. Just keep checking back on the site and keep an eye out on your emails for a message from us. The seo delray beach firm working for us is sending us status updates every day on what is going on with the recovery, so it should not be long before we know something. Stay tuned for more info, and remember, hope and keep the faith. Be Well…

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