The Best Vape Review Site That Is Honest

Posted by on Jan 12, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on The Best Vape Review Site That Is Honest

Hey everyone, today we are back and this will be our first official post of 2016. Today we will be talking about a very popular topic, vaping. This is something that has been getting more and more popular and has become a very lucrative industry. That being said, too many people have come out of the woodwork to profit or take advantage of people. We recently found the best vape review site out there right now. They only write reviews on products that they have actually paid for and thoroughly tested. They have never accepted any product for free to write a review, which is pretty much unheard of in the review atmosphere these days. Almost everyone who has started doing reviews on  YouTube or on a website has done so to get free Vape equipment. This has caused a lot of problems for some of the more popular reviewers because some of them have been imitated by people trying to dupe companies into sending them free stuff. I guess that just goes with the territory, scammers will try anything and everything to get over on people and companies. The site we are talking about today has eliminated the possibility of that happening by not accepting anything at all for free. In addition to that, they also write the best reviews we have even seen, with tons of details, specs, pictures, and a total score with individual scores for each metric.

One of their more famous reviews that has gotten lots of publicity and attention in the competitive online world is their Herakles Plus Review that they did a few weeks ago. They did an excellent job on their preliminary review and then they completed it two weeks later for the full and comprehensive review. In addition to all the information on that page there is also two or three different places to actually buy it online. The shops they listed to buy it from are conveniently located on the West Coast in California, Central US in Texas, and the East Coast in Florida. I believe they did that to make it so people can order from a online vape store that is close to them so they can get their stuff quicker. They have given the Herakles Plus Tank a total score of 97, which is incredible for a Sub  Ohm Tank these days. Normally there are at least a few problems with every Tank that hits the market, and the only thing negative they had to say about this tank is that it leaks a little randomly and the threading on the top fill threads is not great.

They also recently did a review on the Tank that was release by the billion dollar nude magazine company, Playboy. Yes, they have dipped into the Vape Industry as well, probably because they have seen how much it increases every year and they do not see it stopping anytime soon. They came out with the Playboy Vixen Tank and the Vape Review Site did a Playboy Vixen Review which is another excellent page on their site. They gave the Vixen Sub Ohm Tank a total score of a 95, and the only negative thing they had to say about it was that it didn’t have a top fill option. Besides that, they absolutely loved the tank and highly recommended buying it.

Well that is pretty much it for today’s post and review. We hope you found it useful and interesting and hope that you take a look at the site before you make anymore vape purchase online. Have a excellent day and be safe.