Our Moving Mission With Great NYC Movers

Posted by on Aug 7, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on Our Moving Mission With Great NYC Movers

As most of you know we have been here for quite a while. It is no secret that we have had our own share of hardships with this site. But recently a company came into our lives that really made a difference. We decided we needed to move and since we are now in NYC, we needed one of the best, most reliable, affordable, and professional nyc movers we could possible find. We called around to a lot of friends, family, and we even asked a bunch of coworkers and we kept getting the same answer, call Serenity Movers in the city, they are the absolute best and will treat you right. So we listened tho all of those people and that is what we did, we called them up, set up a time for them to come out and give us a free estimate, and that was it, done. The next day they came to where we were moving from, looked over everything in detail, and we spoke for quite a long time with the owner and manager. They were really nice guys, very respectful, humble, and appreciative for the business. We told them about our website and what it was about and that if they did a great job we could or would possibly write about their company, and they seemed like they really did care about us and our moving experience, so the owner offered us another 30% off the cost of the move. We were so happy and grateful that we almost started crying right then and there. This meant so much to us and we knew right away that we had found the right movers for the job. Moving day came and went and it was absolutely perfect. They did such an excellent job, making sure to pack up everything very carefully, wrapping it all up, using the bubble wrap sparingly, and that was it, they were finished pretty quickly. Then we were off to the new place. Everything worked out perfectly, there was no damage at all, the pricing was so low we just could not believe it. They were literally a god send to us and our company. Thank you so much Serenity Movers for all your help and compassion. You have a great company that does excellent work, you provide top notch customer service, you have very low and affordable rates, and the quality of work is perfect. Thank you so much for everything.