Our Jesus Shaped Hole

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This is really off topic we know, but just bare with us please. We recently went to get the windows tinted on our cars, so we checked out a much of places first. Since we are in South Florida, there are literally thousands of shops to choose from. But we knew what questions to ask, and what to look for, so that helped us out a bit. the first place we checked out was boca raton window tinting a local shop pretty close to us. They were very nice, friendly, and were very patient with us and our questions. Some of the other shops just were not that nice, and they kinda rushed us off the phone. That completely turned us off, and we did not even consider using them after that. When we finally decided on the first shop, we brought 1 car in, and they had it done in about 3 house. They called to let us know it was ready and that we could pick it up whenever we want. Not only that, besides the excellent customer service, they also gave us 20% off the total cost, which they did not have to do and really surprised us. That was our first experience with a local tint shop. After that place, we decide to try out another one that was close to us. This window tinting boca raton shop was just as good, very nice, good pricing, and patient with us till the end. We had no complaints with either of these places, both had great service, good pricing, quick job time, and overall we give them both 5 stars, outta 5 that is. So if you are located in South Florida, and need to get anything tinted, whether it be your house windows or car windows, give one of these guys a shot. They really appreciate the business, and it shows in the work they do. You can contact them at either of the links above, or down below.

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