Hope Renewed A Free E-Book

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Hope Renewed A Free E-Book For Every Woman was one of our best e-books and favorite among our followers and readers. I am sad to say, that we have temporarily lost it, due to technical problems with the site and the databases being deleted. We are putting in a lot of effort to try and get a copy from some of our readers, or past readers that is. As stated in our previous post, we have hired a company to try and recover some of our data. It is really strange that we do not have a copy stored on any of our hard drives, I mean why wouldn’t we right? I know I know, does not make sense. For some reason we do not, so that is why we hired that company to try and retrieve it.

That book was really special, any of you that have read it would agree I am sure of it. We will keep everyone up to date as to the progress of the recovery process, wither by posting on our site or by sending out a email to everyone. We have been getting tons of emails for our 2 e-books, which is what triggered us to try and get those books back. The Delray Beach SEO Company we hired is the best of the best, so we have faith that they will be able to get it back for us. And we are also trying other ways to get a copy, like emailing our old followers, and a few other ways.

So to all of you who have messaged us about the eBooks, just know that we are doing everything possible to get them for you. Just keep checking back on the site and keep an eye out on your emails for a message from us. The seo delray beach firm working for us is sending us status updates every day on what is going on with the recovery, so it should not be long before we know something. Stay tuned for more info, and remember, hope and keep the faith. Be Well…