Cream Of The Crop Moving Company

Posted by on Dec 24, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on Cream Of The Crop Moving Company

Hey all of you awesome loyal readers, thanks for checking back and reading this. Today we are just doing a quick little holiday review that may hopefully help out at least one person this year. We will tell you about a Cream Of The Crop Moving Company. So we have moved a few times over the past few months, both the office and our apartment, and living and moving in NYC can be quite the nightmare. Between dealing with unsavory moving companies to price gauging, to hard to access moving destinations, it can definitely be turn into the worst day of your life. however, when you find the right moving service to guide you in the correct direction, it can literally change the outcome completely. We happened to ding this company about 6 months ago, and we are extremely thankful to have found them. The fantastic New York Moving Company we are talking about today can be found here and there are multiple ways to contact them. You can always just pick up the phone and call them, or you can send them an email, or you can fill out the contact form on their site. They normally reply pretty quickly, because they have top notch customer service. Once you get a hold of them and move past the introductions you should definitely set up a time and day for them to come out and evaluate the place so that they have a clear understanding of what exactly has to be moved, and what is actually moving. That way there is no misunderstandings down the road. This company I can 1000% stand by, I know the owner quite well after doing business with them so many times, I know and trust each and every employee, and I know that I can leave them along with all my stuff in my house and it will be just like I left it when I return. That says a lot these days specially in this day and age. That being said, if you are moving in the near future we highly recommend using the moving company we have been talking about today. Ok that is it for today, have a great holiday and we will be back at the beginning of the year.