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Today I want to talk a little about the contributors to this site and who has helped in what way. Over the years many people have helped us with this sites, whether it was contributing content, donations, stories, or just information for the ladies to read about. One thing that was really important was the traffic that we had at one time but it stopped because we had to go offline for a few months. When we came back we realized that all of our organic traffic had stopped, because there was no site up anymore for the SE’s to crawl daily. That is when we needed to think about how, where,  and if it was possible to buy high pr backlinks for us to get a nice boost in the rankings. At that point we were contacted by a reputable company that provided these services to Fortune 500 Companies in the past. We checked some references and they passed all of the initial inquiries. Remember, us being a high quality and authority site we had to be sure that we followed all the rules so that we did not ever get in any trouble at all. Once we made sure we were following all the guidelines we proceeded with the process. Within a few weeks we started to see some great results and were showing back up on top for what we are about. We were so happy with what was happening that we continued service with this company until we were at exactly where we needed and wanted to be. Now because of what our site is about, we were given a huge discount on their services, and that is why we wanted to take this time to give them a big thank you and show of gratitude from the bottom of our hearts. We definitely would not be where we are today if we had not of been helped by this fantastic company. That is the purpose of this post today, and we hope that they see this eventually to know that we are eternally grateful for their services when we needed them the most. You definitely need to check out this company if you are ever in the need of getting back on track and getting a huge boost in traffic. We are so happy with what they have done for us. So go ahead and check out these guys here that go by the name of and they are pretty well known in the industry for their excellent work they have done and continually do for their clients. So once again thanks so much guys, we appreciate all your hard work and dedication and will always use you guys when the time is right. Thanks so much and have a very blessed day!