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It has been a really long time since we posted anything on this site. We went offline for a few months, then decided to start the site back up again, and then we kinda left it alone for a little while. Hopefully we will be back on track now, and should be updating the domain more often, like maybe a few times a week. We will be accepting posts from our fans, and maybe even some newsletters if people sign up for them. We have hired a few companies to help us with marketing the site. Since we pretty much lost all of our regular traffic, when we went offline for those few months, we now need to start optimizing the site for the search engines to show us some love.

One of the companies we hired, the best local seo company out there, is helping us with organic search. They came highly referred to us by some close friends and they did wonders for their site. We are hoping they can do the same for us and revive our site to what it was before. We understand that SEO takes some time, and we are willing to be patient, as long as the results do come. Since we lost most of our high ranking keywords due to letting the domain expire, it’s kinda like starting from scratch. However, from what we were told, is more than capable to get us out of the dirt, and get many page 1 rankings for us. It might take a few months, but that is ok, good things in life take time. They are located in South Florida, which is fairly close to us, so that is good. They have tons of great reviews around the web, which also gives us a lot of confidence. That is is for now, we just wanted to give you guys a update on the site. We wil keep you updated on what we are doing and how is doing as well.